The Bushbuddy Ultra Backpacking Wood Stove

Here’s a quick glance at one of the lightest, most efficient wood burning stoves out there.

Duration : 0:5:54

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Choice for Outdoor Cooking Equipment for Barbeque

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25 Responses to “The Bushbuddy Ultra Backpacking Wood Stove”

  1. jw934 says:

    If we are only …
    If we are only talking about efficiency and lightweight, my wood stove is 23g and burns for 32 minutes on one handful of wood sticks and (cost is 20 cents). Maybe good as a secondary stove to an alcohol stove when camping, but you might need to dig a hole and get some rocks as pot support to use it.

  2. mbiraside says:

    Yeh i agree with …
    Yeh i agree with you and shug. Very efficient, lightweight, quiet,quality stove. Love using mine. Its not hard to use, you just have to pay attention and be part of the experience. Its not a microwave

  3. jasonklass says:

    Roger …

    Roger that Shug!

  4. shugemery says:

    Locked down tightly …
    Locked down tightly and severely…….

  5. jasonklass says:

    Thanks Shug. Um, …
    Thanks Shug. Um, so, is Sector 7 secure or not?

  6. shugemery says:

    Hey Jason …. I am …
    Hey Jason …. I am a woodstove feller and love my BushBuddy! It is a work of art. soot on pot? No prob… I drop my pot in a cozy. You are correct on it’s efficiency. Never have used an easier wood stove. I just took mine on a wet cold trip and purposely brought no dry tinder. Took a while to get going but I like the skill of fire-starting wet wood.

  7. jasonklass says:

    It’s not really a …
    It’s not really a fair comparison as the Bushbuddy has a much bigger burning chamber. The Bushcooker LT is a lot lighter, but you have to feed it more because the burn chamber is so much smaller.

  8. shannon6610 says:

    I’m sorry Jason, I …
    I’m sorry Jason, I mean the Bush Cooker LT. Thanks!

  9. shannon6610 says:

    Hi Jason, how do …
    Hi Jason, how do you think it compares to the Bush Cooker? I’ve been trying to decide between the two and I’m so happy you did this review.

  10. DoctorSess says:

    so basically i …
    so basically i could drill some holes in a coffe can and manufacture one myself…

  11. bushcraftourway says:

    you can make one …
    you can make one for under £10 by youself tho :P

  12. jasonklass says:

    This one is cleaner …
    This one is cleaner than most wood stoves but like all, you will have some soot. That’s why in the video I recommended people first decide if they like wood stoves in general before buying one.

  13. clamcrabber says:

    if your caught in …
    if your caught in the rain? Also you can do the same thing with 3 tent pegs.

  14. BrokenAeroVT says:

    $150? I’ll pass, …
    $150? I’ll pass, haha.

  15. Danovio says:

    haha tottaly! i …
    haha tottaly! i love your parodys man, got to do more

  16. 16windsor says:

    Do you find that …
    Do you find that the stove burns clean enough to not leave black soot on the bottom on is that just unavoidable?

  17. jasonklass says:

    I guess that’s …
    I guess that’s better than an old Bear Grylls! :)

  18. Danovio says:

    Seriosuly you look …
    Seriosuly you look a bit like a young les stroud :P

  19. Christopher711 says:

    No , but I am …
    No , but I am tempted to try it. I like it’s simplicity.

  20. jasonklass says:

    I’m familiar with …
    I’m familiar with it but have never tried one. Have you?

  21. deezynar says:

    Thanks for …

    Thanks for answering my questions. Take care.

  22. Christopher711 says:

    Are you familiar …
    Are you familiar with the Littlebug stove. If so , what do you think of it? Thank you for the video. :)

  23. NoChikenStrips says:

    i started with a …
    i started with a hobo stove from just a tomato can and it worked ok. However i’d really like to buy this stove but i’m just too poor. Thanks for the video Jason.

  24. toounfazed says:

    My $5 folding stove …
    My $5 folding stove and a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil is my “wood stove”. I just use deadfall in it, though I care a few Esbit cubes as a backup for when I don’t feel like drying wood. Camp routine is to hang the hammock and tarp, then grab some deadfall and drag it to my chosen spot where I clear the ground and set up the folding stove and my pot of water. I amuse myself by pulling twigs off the deadfall as I feed the little fire and wait for the water to boil. Pot & stove are bagged.

  25. jasonklass says:

    Yes, I break them …
    Yes, I break them by hand. For this demo, it took me maybe 5 or 6 minutes to gather the wood, but this was in an area where there was plenty on hand. It might take longer in certain areas. I never said it beats alcohol. But, like all wood stoves, the advantage of not carrying fuel is huge if you’re out for a long time (as you point out).

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