Biogas Wood Stove Demonstration

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  1. knowpub says:

    oh now… this …
    oh now… this camping stove is only for can only use it to stare at the pretty flames and the smell of wood smoke.. maybe..maybe..if you are really daring you might roast a marshmellow over it…but don’t push it.

  2. KARStarla says:

    May I ask you if I …
    May I ask you if I can cook on something like this? (outside ofcourse not inside) Or is this for other purposes and not that?

  3. knowpub says: runs on AA … runs on AA batteries… does not matter what type or how you charge them…. there are lots of solar AA chargers available

  4. knowpub says:

    Yeah… its the …
    Yeah… its the same.. and we sell EVERY book written on the subject of what you are talking about… see USH2 (dot) com….. it works, you can still do it today.

  5. rafffe says:

    i bought one of …
    i bought one of these.. Love it, its great for ice fishing and any other place when you don’t want to start a regular fire to make some coffee.

  6. KARStarla says:

    may I ask if you …
    may I ask if you can get a solar battery recharger (in case of no electric) for this?

  7. Olli120 says:

    I think i saw this …
    I think i saw this in a movie on a German Truck shortly after WW2 ends. The driver only burned some Wood and the engine of the Truck was running. Is that the same System?

  8. gtrefghuk says:

    According to the …
    According to the website,you can get an optional solar panel that will run the stove or charge the batteries

  9. knowpub says:

    NO WAY IN CAN THIS BE USED INSIDE…. !!! EVER… any combustion should NEVER be inside, one mistake and you are DEAD

  10. Fendbass22 says:

    Could this be used …
    Could this be used indoors after the gasification process has started? Didn’t know if the level of gases is still too great for SUPERVISED indoor use. Please let me know.

  11. knowpub says:

    Yes..we are happy …
    Yes..we are happy to ship them to the UK.

  12. knowpub says:

    the batteries last …
    the batteries last more than 10 hours.. it rungs for about 45 minutes on wood pellets, about half that on twigs and sticks..but of course.. you can pick up sticks on the ground for FREE and keep on adding all the sticks you want…. there is no limit.

  13. knowpub says:

    there is no end to …
    there is no end to what people will COMPLAIN about… and its amazing how wrong they are. The unit uses FUEL you PICK UP OFF THE GROUND, FREE FUEL and as far as the baterry goes, USE A RECHARABLE BATTERY. You have NO concept of ‘sustainablity’ nor ethics nor intelligence.

  14. Bhillyski says:


  15. bluetoad2001 says:

    not obvious to your …
    not obvious to your viewers
    this is a yuppie POS stove.
    you must supply batteries, something to buy and through away.
    buy ,buy ,buy
    nothing about sustainability
    ethics and truth will find you out

  16. kudrough2012 says:

    Amazing, I think I …
    Amazing, I think I might buy one of these.

  17. JonSpink says:

    can these be …
    can these be delivered to the UK?

  18. JonSpink says:

    Brilliant stove. …
    Brilliant stove. Can i get one in the UK?

  19. aa7jc says:

    Good vidio,
    I cant …

    Good vidio,
    I cant wait to see it in action when it arrives

  20. 4Mengineering says:

    can it run for 10 …
    can it run for 10 hours non stop? where does the ash go?

  21. beninjoseph says:

    Too good.Lovely …
    Too good.Lovely Job.God bless you….

  22. knowpub says:

    KnowledgePublications dot com is where you can get them…

  23. constantsqueezer says:

    Where can I get one …
    Where can I get one of these stoves – is there a website address? They look so good

  24. knowpub says:

    NO.. it is NOT the …
    NO.. it is NOT the same as pyrolysis or destructive distillation. This is a partial oxidation process so it is NOT the same as a retort…

  25. brea0aqua says:

    new people seeing …
    new people seeing this will want to study charcoal production and “retorts” this is the same principal as decanting volatile gasses from a charcoal retort.

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