WOOD BURNING STOVE Maybe the dumbest Wheel of fortune contestants ever!

People on wheel of fortune are idiots. Is there ANY criteria for accepting contestants on wheel of fortune? HOLY MOTHER

Duration : 0:2:35

[youtube 0mUx4hw48Nw]

Gas wood burning stove

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6 Responses to “WOOD BURNING STOVE Maybe the dumbest Wheel of fortune contestants ever!”

  1. engrish2006 says:

    I’m sure we all get …
    I’m sure we all get mental blocks, and for these people, it just happened to be on TV. Embarrassing, but it’s life, folks…

  2. hotleafjuice1014 says:

    i’m oretty sure …
    i’m oretty sure that “food burning stove” was ALREADY MENTIONED beeyotch!!!

  3. dr1ce says:

    Com’on, the girl …
    Com’on, the girl said “food burning stove” right after another person who just got it wrong. If that arn’t dumb i don’t know what is.

  4. dr1ce says:

    First of all, I …
    First of all, I don’t have a digitizer handy, second of all welcome to you tube, you will see a LOT of crappy video.

  5. ruderitalin says:

    digitize the …
    digitize the footage!!! why do people always put their camera in front of their tv?!?!?!?

    digitizing is way better!!! its not hard!

    ps, how did you film so crooked?

  6. engrish2006 says:

    Memorable moment, …
    Memorable moment, but you’ve gotta realize that they’re playing the real thing, and you gotta realize that it’s a million times harder to play in studio than at home.

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