fwins – The Wood Burning Stove

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Duration : 0:2:57

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Wood burning stove. How to avoid soot on the glass window?

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25 Responses to “fwins – The Wood Burning Stove”

  1. heqix says:

    you are funny,i …
    you are funny,i love u.hahaah~~

  2. musicgd987123 says:

    the 1st to 4th step …
    the 1st to 4th step is SOOOOOOOOOO….uh… hillarious!!! but the teenager burning his hand was even more……hillarious???

  3. yanpan16 says:


  4. musicgd987123 says:

    you are cool & …
    you are cool & funny!!!!

  5. ScarletKnight says:

    1:59 lol
    1:59 lol

  6. MartinYouAreTheOne says:

    cool ^^

  7. hapihappyj0yj0y says:

    lolololol its …
    lolololol its talking about sex

  8. o1yankee says:

    kæft hvor er du …
    kæft hvor er du grineren !!

  9. cortinadaminhacasa says:

    haha funny u know …
    haha funny u know how to make funny videos

  10. latinkay says:

    hahaha i luv how he …
    hahaha i luv how he talks! funny stuff!

  11. ozzzzy37 says:


  12. stephbutyfull says:

    2 funny!
    2 funny!

  13. looseskrewz says:

    I want to punch the …
    I want to punch the out of your accent!

    Just kidding, I just wanted to say something funny and ed up at the same time.

    Haha good man

  14. plasticPlaystation says:


  15. BigRedRockeater1930 says:

    fuck the stove just …
    the stove just ing the stove but nooooo the stove is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. flashoz says:

    huh i get it ur …
    huh i get it ur actually talkin about sex

  17. gorzamilla says:

    LOL…this is a …
    LOL…this is a kewl video!!1 and sora The457 is right…& i bet sora you can’t make a better vid than this…..

  18. The457 says:

    btw sora. who is …
    btw sora. who is the fcking idiot? You mispelled idiot three times…

  19. The457 says:

    Hey retard. Ever …
    Hey retard. Ever tried lighting a bigass hunk of wood eith a match that burns for a few seconds? Go try it and thej youll see you cant. Youll need something easier to brn to add on the wood. YOU go KILL yourself. head

  20. soradabomb12 says:

    u shouldnt stick …
    u shouldnt stick pappers in the wood stove it isnt a trash burner idoit………….
    just kill ur self
    yes i said it

  21. narutofan9tf says:

    hahaha, i made the …
    hahaha, i made the right choice when subscribing to your vids

  22. coolkidmiracle says:

    nice video
    nice video

  23. christsbassist89 says:

    i laughed out loud.
    i laughed out loud.

  24. valx3entine says:



  25. ProfPepperz says:

    for some reason u’r …
    for some reason u’r hand movements are very distracting but for the rest really cool

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