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Breckwell Replacement Digital Pellet Stove Controller with 12-pin Molex Plug

This is a replacement digital controller designed for use with certain Breckwell Pellet stoves. It features completely digital controls with an LCD display. Programmable 3 stage heat controller with thermostat input and built in real time clock. Your stove settings can be adjusted to suit your installation. Variable convection and combustion fan speeds. Firestarter output [...]


Home Improvement & Remodeling : How to Light a Wood-Burning Stove

In order to light a wood-burning stove, kindling is needed for ignition, which can be accomplished in a couple of minutes with the use of a propane torch or newspaper. Discover how to arrange kindling for a good wood-burning stove with help from a certified home inspector in this free video on wood-burning stoves. Expert: [...]