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Big stirling engine on wood stove

HELP NEEDED! I want to BUY RULON or similar GLASSFIBRE FILLED PTFE sheet to make new piston rings. ABOUT 0.5mm thick, 10 * 10cm pieces minimum. teemu.hayrinen-remove [email protected] Duration : 0:1:18 Technorati Tags: bioenergy, biomass, chp, DIY, energy, engine, kone, kuumailma, moottori, pellet, pelletti, renewable, stirling, wood


Biogas Wood Stove Demonstration

This stove is a partial oxidation gas generator stove. It produces Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Methane and other cracked organic compounds. The same principle is in our books on gasification of wood for engines and cars. Yes, you CAN run a car off this type of system and over 1 million vehicles did this during WWII… [...]