Pellet Mills, Renewable Energy, Pellet Stove using sawdust and a pellet mill

Renewable Energy. Make your own Biomass Fuels from waste materails, such as wood, wood shavings, sewdust, logs, wood chip, peat, strew, grass, paper, cardboad, cerals and many more. I can provide anything you need to make pellets, Dryers, Grinders, Conveyors, Sifter Sorters, Magnetic,Filters, Dust Filters, Cyclones, Conditioners, Pellet Mills (bother the flat plate and the ring die style) Pellet Collers, Bagging Systems. I am also available for consultaion to build an entire plant to your needs, you can contact me at [email protected] you can also call me on 0845 036 4444 outside of the UK +44 845 036 4444 we also have a rang of Biodiesel products as well.

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Wood stove

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