Converting To Wood Heat (Part 8)

Here is a series of videos about converting to wood heat by installing a Jotul stove.

Duration : 0:6:37

[youtube NqHlGV0UqKo]

Converting To Wood Heat (Part 4)

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7 Responses to “Converting To Wood Heat (Part 8)”

  1. bobrt28 says:

    for a little easier …
    for a little easier splitting they make a log splitter that operates like a bottle jack

  2. pocketsofthefuture says:

    Thanks. I noticed …
    Thanks. I noticed someone was selling heartwood as it gives off more heat.

  3. Zarbod says:

    I was mauling wood …
    I was mauling wood about 3 weeks ago. Man that’s some hard work. After 10 minutes I was tired but done for the day.

  4. wilsonpwt says:

    An old saying, ” …
    An old saying, “Heating with wood heats you twice.”
    The Monster Maul worked well for me too.

  5. CMLovejoy says:

    The center of the …
    The center of the logs will be the dryest. So when you need dry wood look for the pieces that would be in the center of the tree.

  6. MadBadVoodo says:

    Five Stars!!
    Five Stars!!

  7. godsend420 says:

    first yay:D
    first yay:D

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