Converting To Wood Heat (Part 4)

Here is a series of videos about converting to wood heat by installing a Jotul stove.

Duration : 0:9:14

[youtube Mh7VwrU_2fQ]

Solstice Heating

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4 Responses to “Converting To Wood Heat (Part 4)”

  1. pocketsofthefuture says:


  2. pocketsofthefuture says:

    Thank you for all …
    Thank you for all of your supportive comments

  3. EdmundSquid says:

    Check out the …
    Check out the thermoelectric fans that you can buy online. They are a little pricey but they require zero electricity from the grid.

  4. mukwah1111 says:

    You are all doing a …
    You are all doing a great job & everything is so neat & cleanly done. Very impressive. The house is going to be roomy & yet cozy when its all finished. Great work !

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