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gas boiler and solid fuel boiler in tandem?

If i have a gas central heating system and buy a wood burning stove with a back boiler could this in theory be connected into the system. thanks If you have a hot water tank then yes you can. If you have a combi boiler, no. I have just had a wood burner put in [...]


Are fireplaces and wood stoves a "clean way" to heat your home?

I heard that wood burning stoves and fireplaces are cleaner then regular natural gas operated heaters…why? and is that true? A natural gas stove is going to be the cleanest fireplace to use. It has high efficiency, is cheaper to run, and doesn’t suffer from those pesky ‘No burn’ days that your local counties may [...]


Can I use the chimney liner from my old gas boiler to connect a wood burning stove to?