Jeremy Clarkson makes his own Mercedes-Benz S-Class (Top Gear) Part 1 HQ

At this time – Clarkson went about designing his own interior of a car. He bought an old Mercedes-Benz S-Class and designed his perfect interior based upon his house. The car, dubbed “Anne Hathaway’s Cottage,” features a wood-burning stove, kitchen chairs, a flagstone floor and wood with a cement base, and plastered insides of the doors. James May and Richard Hammond then tested the car. No seatbelts and unsecured seats meant they went flying at first, however eventually, with May holding Hammond’s seat, a 0-60 time of 35.4 seconds was established.

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Duration : 0:7:36

[youtube gGj45oymjfE]

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  1. 099psp says:

    whats the song at 4 …
    whats the song at 4:36

  2. frincho says:


    Song at 0:50 is Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams

  3. boeing747panam says:

    What song did they …
    What song did they play when they met the lady?

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