Wood Burning Stoves are a great feature to have in your home

If you have ever sat in front of a fire on a cold wet night you will know the attraction. It somehow makes you feel secure and it makes the room inviting and welcoming. Maybe it’s the smell of the burning wood or the sight of the flames growing and then shrinking back to surge once again when a blast of air hits the fire. It is however a sad fact that many children have not experienced that feeling as many houses are not now built with a real fireplace. However a good and some people would say a safer alternative are wood burning stoves.

Wood stoves have a number of advantages over other wood-burning devices and heating mechanisms. They are generally cheaper than turning on the gas or electric heat if only a single room requires heat in the winter. They are fairly simple to install, too. And, here’s the real bonus, they don’t require full, elaborate chimney systems, but keep in mind they will require their own kind of chimney.

Wood stoves are smaller and less involved than fireplaces. They can go in just about any location in a house as long as there’s a way to properly install the stove’s own chimney system. And, unlike a full fireplace, these don’t require full brick structures that can monopolize a room. They just use their own small and less invasive pipes for funneling out unwanted smoke and soot to a larger chimney system.

Wood burning stoves can also add great architectural features to a home. They come in a number of sizes, styles, colors. They can take on old-fashion appearances or be modern and eye-popping. There’s a wood-burning stove available for just about any home’s design concept.

The things you want to consider when buying a wood burning stove include where you are going to place it, what safety features you will need, the style depending on the room and the ventilation requirements. There are many differnt sizes and styles so you should be able to find one that suits you.

With the price of gas and electric rapidly increasing wood burning stoves can provide a cheaper alternative to heat you home. Make sure you get professional advice about installation and if there are likely to be children about make sure you have considered safety features and where the stove will be located.

Antique Wood Burning Stove

Compact Wood Burning Stove

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